The holiday season is upon us, along with joy, comes stress. The darker days, full schedules, many responsibilities and obligations can overtax our nervous systems. Take time away from the hustle & bustle, the shopping, the planning, to nurture yourself. Commit to maintaining your yoga or meditation practice. Stay connected to your breath and center yourself when things get hectic. Take time to enjoy the wonder of the season. Prioritize what’s important to you this holiday season. Include your overall well-being on your list.


  • Set an intention to remain connected to your practice.
  • Set aside 10 minutes to sit with your breath or quiet reflection, or a short asana practice.
  • Sit and count your breath – Count each inhale, count “one” to yourself on the inhale and “one” on the exhale. Continue counting up to seven, and start again. If you lose track or go beyond seven, begin again. Set a timer for ten minutes.
  • Practice restful poses, 10 – 20 minutes of Viparita Karani (legs up the wall) can do wonders for your nervous system, restoring balance and energy.
  • Schedule your classes ahead of time and honor your commitment to yourself.
  • Engage a friend to attend a class or a workshop with you or join you in a short home practice.
  • If you get off track or out of your routine give yourself a break, but don’t give up, just start again!